Timeline of events

09/2008 - Went off birth control
10/2008 - Found out I was pregnant
11/2008 - First doctor appt. HB is 188
1/2009 - Baby looks good, HB 163
2/2009 - It's a BOY! Carter Thomas
3/2009 - HB in the 140-150 range
4/2009 - Diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes
5/2009 - Went on the Ellen Show's Mother's Day Special
6/2009 - Carter Thomas W. was born
6/2010 - Carter's first birthday
2/2011 - He's getting so big, someone stop him from growing so fast!
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

9½ weeks left?!?!

How far along?: 30 weeks 3 days
Total weight gain: 5 pounds. And all 5 pounds have gone to my arms.
How much does baby weigh?: Just over 3 pounds
Maternity clothes?: Yep. All my pants & most tops.
Stretch marks?: Same ones as before, but they're getting a little bigger.
Sleep?: It's getting worse. It started about 2 weeks ago when I couldn't sleep through the night without going pee. Now I wake up once almost every night to pee. And my hips are killing me so that's not helping me sleep much.
Best moment this week?: Knowing that we can finally start the nursery now that the texture guy is done.
Movement?: OMG yes. He is rolling around in there all the time. I love feeling his little knees/elbows/hands/feet whatever they are poking out.
Food cravings?: Frozen yogurt
Labor signs?: None yet, thank you very much.
Belly button in or out?: Still in for the most part. At night after dinner though it pokes out a little.
What I miss: Sleeping on my back. Unfortunately I still do sometimes, but just because I'm so much more comfortable that way, I wake up in the middle of the night on my back and force myself to turn on my side.
What I'm looking forward to: Ellen Show of course (9 more days), then my shower (2½ weeks), then meeting Carter (approx 9½ weeks).
Milestone: I'm more than ¾ of the way through the pregnancy. If I was to deliver Carter today there's more than a 90% chance that he'll survive, but lets not test that.

Ladies and Gentelmen.....

The nursery is textured. Let me repeat, the nursery is finally textured. Holy hell, how long have we been waiting for this day?!? So this weekend we (or should I say "they") will be painting.

And I *think* we've decided that instead of the beadboard we're going to do wainscoting. I like this look much better but we're going to see how easy this will be to do so we're not sure yet. Here's an idea of what I like.

Also, 8 more days until we leave to go to the Ellen show. I'm so excited!
Here's my latest belly pic, it's from this morning. I can't believe how big I am. I seriously don't feel this big. I guess this is why I'm starting to waddle and why my hips hurt so bad at night. LOL!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More nursery stuff

I found it, I found it. The perfect rug for the nursery. I've been looking for a dark brown saggy rug. I wanted 5'x8' or so. Well this weekend when my mom and I were at Walmart I found one. And the best part, it was only $75.00. I thought I would have to pay more for a rug that size. I really like it too. It's the exact color of all the other brown in the room. I can't wait to be able to put it in there.

I also got the other curtain we needed, so now I have both. And we got the closet doors and pulls. We still have a list of things to buy but at least it's getting smaller.

Canvas Boxes (3)
Bead boarding
Base boards
Paint (and I still need to pick a color)
Ceiling fan
Closet doors
Bedroom door (maybe, if there's still $ in the budget)

We decided to just use the blinds that we had in there for now. They're in fine condition so that's just one less thing we have to buy.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Update on the Ellen show

16 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!

So my cousin Leah and I have decided to fly down to L.A. instead of drive. That makes me even more excited! I love flying and that way we'll have more time to spend down there.

So ya, 16 days until my mini vacation!

Friday, April 17, 2009

My nutrition plan

Okay, here's the meal plan that my dietitian and I came up with for me to eat everyday;

7 am breakfast; 1 piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and a light yogurt.

9 am snack; 4 crackers and a string cheese

10:30 snack; 1 small fruit

12:00 lunch; Spinach salad with some protein in it (egg, cheese or meat) with light dressing and 4-8 crackers.

2 pm snack; 1 small fruit

4:00 pm snack; 4 crackers and a string cheese

6:30-7:00 pm dinner; 3oz of protein (we usually eat chicken), veggies and some starch (bread, rice, noodles)

8:30-9:00 bedtime snack; 4 crackers, a string cheese and a light yogurt

Ya, it's a lot of eating I know. But it's smaller portions throughout the day. It's not too bad except for the weekends. I TOTALLY cheat on the weekends. Shhhh, don't tell!

So I started taking the meds last Friday and I was feeling really faint and dizzy so I checked my blood (not at a regularly scheduled time) and it was 57. That's low. So I ate lunch, since it was about that time anyway, and an hour later checked my blood again. 49! Ya, that's way too low. So I called the doctor and she told me to start doing just half the pill in the morning and the other half at night. That's what I've been doing and I still think it's too much. I go to the doctor on Wednesday and I'll talk to him about it then but I think I need to just take half a pill at night and none in the morning. The only reason why I even need the medication is to help my fasting number (the first blood draw of the day) because without it it's a little high. That's basically it for now, I'll know more when I go in on Wednesday.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

About my diabetes

I had my appointment yesterday and I got more information. I have to be put on medication. Here's why; when you have the glucose test they draw your fasting blood (12 hours of fasting) before you drink the nastiness, then you have your blood drawn every hour on the hour for three hours after that. Hence the name 3 hour glucose test. My first 2 numbers were about 6-10 points high, the third was just a couple of points high and the fourth was below the cut off. Obviously I didn't pass. It's common to have high numbers after you drink the nastiness but if your fasting number (the first blood draw) is high then that's when you're put on medication.

So luckily I get to start with Glyburide, an oral medication, and not insulin, an injectable medication. I still have to follow the diet from my dietitian which isn't too bad (I'll save that for another post) and I have to check my blood 4 times a day.

The thing I was most afraid of was checking my blood. Eww, I have to prick my finger with a needle 4 times a day?!?! No way! But luckily I got a monitor that allows you to check your blood from your upper arms, forearms, hand, fingers, thighs or calves (I didn't even knew they made these). I went for my calf today for my first blood check. I couldn't believe that it didn't hurt. Seriously, couldn't feel it. My leg bled for awhile after that though. I'm sure I'll get it down.

So I have to take my blood before breakfast then an hour after breakfast, lunch and dinner. He wants to see my fasting blood draw (the one before breakfast) below 100 and and the blood draws 1 hour after the meals below 140. Or I can check 2 hours after my meal and they should be below 120. So the good news is that my blood level today, one hour after lunch, was 87. He said that 70's and 80's were on the lower side but still good, below 60 or above 200 is bad.

So that's what's up with my diabetes. I'll blog about my fabulous (ya right) meal plan another time. Today is day two of my diet and it's not so bad. Only about 79 days to go. Haha!


Monday, April 13, 2009


I have the diabetes! I'm sad. I just got the call that I failed the 3 hour glucose test. At least Easter is over and the Cadburry Eggs will quit haunting me. That and I ate two of them this weekend. I have my closure.

So now I have an appoinment with the doctor this Wednesday at 4:00 then the dietitian at 4:30. Can't wait!

I guess this is the end of the road. I've had a fabulous time with you chocolate and I hope that you know this is not my decision. I'm doing this for Carter. I will see you again in about 3 months. I promise.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Look what I got

I'm finally going to get to start buying things for the nursery. Here's what I bought today;

Curtains! Except I only got one because that's all they had so I'm going to have to go back and get another one. I was going to do a valance but I though the tie-up ones would be better, that way I can close them if I want.

And one of the four canvas boxes I need for the closet organizing we want to do.

You can't tell from the pictures but the curtains and the canvas box are actually the exact same color.

So here's what we have left to buy:
Blinds (2)
Canvas Boxes (3)
Bead boarding
Base boards
Paint (and I still need to pick a color)
Ceiling fan
Closet door
Bedroom door (maybe, if there's still $ in the budget)

So that's what we have to buy. Aside from installing/doing all that stuff we also have to rip up the carpet and clean the hardwood.

Ya, we have a lot to do. Too bad we're still waiting on the guy to tape and texture.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Squash anyone?

Your baby is as big as a butternut squash, weightwise -- about 2 1/2 pounds. (Length: a tad over 15 inches, head to heel.)

Holy cow he's getting big, as am I! He's kicking me right now and I love it. Here's today's belly pic. Probably not much different then the one from the other day! :)

As always my butt looks HUGE!


Monday, April 6, 2009

I got the call

Well I was sitting here at my desk thinking to myself that I haven't heard from my doctors office about my glucose test so I must have passed. Then I started getting really excited because it's already a little after 4:00 and surely they would have called by now. Until I realized that they always call my cell phone (even though I tell them to call my work) and my cell phone is off because the battery died. No big deal right? I probably don't have any messages. Except I do. And it's from the doctors office. They don't call unless there's a problem. But maybe they wanted to call and tell me that my blood work came back perfect? So I call and the lady says I have low iron. Sweet, no big deal. I can live with taking an iron supplement. Just as I'm starting to do a little dance in my chair she says that also my blood sugar came back high. DAMMIT! Not what I wanted to hear.

So I get to do the dreaded 3 hour glucose test. And I have to sit in the doctors office for 4 hours while they draw my blood 4 different times. UGH! Seriously, this sucks. I'm just praying that I pass the 3 hour test. And I have to fast for 12 hours. Do you know what it's like to be pregnant and have to not only eat an early, but to also skip breakfast and have a late lunch? I already feel sorry for Grant because I'm going to be the biggest grump ever. Okay, vent over.

I guess if I look on the bright side if I do in fact have the diabetes then I'll be forced to eat healthy for the next three months. Maybe then I can keep my weight gain down to a minimum. Okay, things aren't looking too bad after all. Ha, who am I kidding?


Pregnancy updates

How far along?: 27 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: 4 pounds. I was so off on my last guess.
How much does baby weigh?: Just over 2 pounds
Maternity clothes?: Yep. All my pants & most tops.
Stretch marks?: Same ones as before, but they're getting a little bigger.
Sleep?: It's a little better. I wake up so many times at night to change positions but I'm not too tired in the mornings. I still can't believe I don't have to pee at all in the middle of the night.
Best moment this week?: Saturday morning Carter had a party in my ute. He's been breech for so long but Saturday he flipped and was rolling, kicking, punching you name it. I was so fun to watch and feel. Of course he's flipped back over and is now breech again.
Movement?: Lots, he's getting more active and more strong everyday. I love it.
Food cravings?: Frozen yogurt.....YUM!
Labor signs?: None yet, thank you very much.
Belly button in or out?: Still in, getting more shallow though.
What I miss: Being able to bend over
What I'm looking forward to: Ellen Show of course. Getting the nursery done.
Milestone: I'm in my third trimester already. And Saturday is the being of month 8. Wow, time is flying.

A few weeks ago I was wearing this shirt for another belly pic. It's crazy to look at the difference.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just got back from appt.

and so far so good. I drank that nastiness of a thing they call the glucose drink. And ya, it was gross. Remember those little bottle shaped wax candies with the different colored liquid in them? That's pretty much what it tasted like but I had to drink a lot more then what's in the candy.

If my sugar comes back high they will call be by Monday, if it's within normal then I won't get a call. I'm praying I don't get a call because I don't want to go to the next step if I fail, which is a 3 hour glucose test. I've heard they really suck.

On a good note we got another ultrasound and the doctor said that Carter looked great. He confirmed again that it's a boy, and it's DEFINITELY a boy. He said that the baby looks good, fluid looks good and placenta looks good. He's still breech but it's nothing to worry about. I can tell his position by the location of the kicks and I know on Monday he was head down so he moves a lot.

So I go back in 3 weeks because I've been being seen on odd weeks and the doctor wants to put me back on his normal schedule. So I'll be 30 weeks at the next appt. Then after that I'll be going every two weeks. Holy cow I can't believe I'm almost there. Grant has been able to go to every appointment so far but I think that once it goes to every two weeks he'll have to pick and choose which ones he'll go to. Of course I'm okay with that, he doesnt' need to be taking all that time off. And I only get one more ultrasound, at 36 weeks, so he'll be going to that one for sure.

So that's about it. Tomorrow I am 26w6d which I'm counting as third trimester. Here's a funny pic that I thought I'd share;

Objects in reflections are not as big as they appear. So yes, I do have a buble butt but no it's not really that big. Niether is my belly or my husbands belly.