Timeline of events

09/2008 - Went off birth control
10/2008 - Found out I was pregnant
11/2008 - First doctor appt. HB is 188
1/2009 - Baby looks good, HB 163
2/2009 - It's a BOY! Carter Thomas
3/2009 - HB in the 140-150 range
4/2009 - Diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes
5/2009 - Went on the Ellen Show's Mother's Day Special
6/2009 - Carter Thomas W. was born
6/2010 - Carter's first birthday
2/2011 - He's getting so big, someone stop him from growing so fast!
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Things are different

Well, if you haven't already heard, Grant got laid off last week. It came very unexpectedly to both of us. I really freaked out at first, thinking about all of our bills and the lack of income we're going to have but Grant has helped calm me down. I think it will be okay now. He'll get unemployment and we've already started drastically cutting our spending. Since he's staying home Carter won't have to go to day care and we won't have the huge gas bills from his work commute. I really think we'll be okay for a few months. Please keep your fingers crossed that he gets a job soon though.

On a brighter note, Carter is getting so big. I know I always say it but he's at such a fun age. He copies everything we do and he's starting to be able to communicate with us better. Aside from that though he's going through a I-will-throw-a fit-and-then-hit-you-if-I-don't-get-what-I-want stage. Fun times!

Here's a picture of Carter and his friend.

And here's a video from the other day. This is the first time Carter has seen/played with a piano. I thought he did pretty well.

I will try to update more. I'll see if I can even get Grant on board with maybe updating the blog with some posts in his spare time.