Timeline of events

09/2008 - Went off birth control
10/2008 - Found out I was pregnant
11/2008 - First doctor appt. HB is 188
1/2009 - Baby looks good, HB 163
2/2009 - It's a BOY! Carter Thomas
3/2009 - HB in the 140-150 range
4/2009 - Diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes
5/2009 - Went on the Ellen Show's Mother's Day Special
6/2009 - Carter Thomas W. was born
6/2010 - Carter's first birthday
2/2011 - He's getting so big, someone stop him from growing so fast!
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Saturday, February 28, 2009

22 weeks already

Your baby has stretched to the size of a spaghetti squash and weighs almost a pound. (Length: nearly 11 inches.)

Only about 18 weeks left, holy cow.

I'm still feeling great. Grant is working on the nursery right now. He's working on the sheet rock and if my plans goes like I want it we'll be painting next weekend. Actually, I won't be painting because Grant won't let me. Even though I told him it's okay for me to paint, especially if I use low VOC paint and keep the windows open but he said no. I'm not going to argue with him if he wants to do it. We did decide to do the white wainscoting at the bottom with green paint above it. Well that is unless I change my mind in the next 6 days.

My next appointment is on Thursday. It seems like the time in between the appointments is less and less as time goes on. It's just going to be an uneventful appointment, no ultrasound or anything.

I've been so busy lately, hence the lack of posts. Sorry about that.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Grant felt Carter

I meant to post this last week but I just found it in my drafts.

Last night Grant and I were laying in bed and I had my hand on my lower belly (just like I always do before falling asleep) and I felt Carter kick. I grabbed Grant's hand and put it were I had just felt him and after about 10 seconds Grant felt him kick too. He kept his hand there and poked my belly a little and Carter kicked back. It was so cool. Even though it was dark and I couldn't see Grant's face I could tell that he was smiling. He thought it was so cool.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Option

I just got back from Toys R Us and I saw a different bedding set. I had seen it before and thought it was okay but I like it better now (for whatever reason).
I showed both of them to Grant and he likes this one better. He didn't want to paint the walls blue anyways so this is perfect. Also the bedding is all monkeys with no other animals, which is what we wanted. And since the bedding is more plain I can paint some monkeys on the wall to dress it up. Another good thing about is it's at Toys R Us so I can register for it. The other bedding was going to have to be bought online. While this bedding is about $60 cheaper it doesn't come with the valences. But I'm sure I can find something (and for less then $60).

Grant wants to do the wainscoting at the bottom with the green above it just like the picture. I think I like it but I haven't decided yet. Decisions decisions. What do you think?

I also found the travel system I want. I love it!

I told Grant that we need to register soon. I can't wait, I love registering. Grant will be bored though, I can tell you that much for sure. He doesn't know much about babies or what they need so I can already hear him saying "why does the baby need this".

Nursery has been started

First of all, thank you to those of you who voted on the cribs. I'm still waiting on at least one more vote *cough*Kaci*cough*!

Okay so technically the nursery has been started, but we have cleaned the other two bedrooms and condensed them into one so we can move the bed out of the nursery. This weekend we'll finish (hopefully) cleaning out the nursery. Then Grant can do the sheetrock work that needs to be done. Before we bought the house there was a leak in the roof that damaged the sheetrock on the ceiling of that bedroom. Well the previous owners put on a new roof but never fixed the ceiling, so that's what Grant gets to do. I'll be taking and posting pictures of the progress.

I'm still having a hard time picking out the bedding that I want. I think I found the one I want but I'm still not 100% sure. Here's what I'm thinking;

I wanted to just monkeys but there's no bedding that I like with just monkeys on it. I don't like busy nurseries so I won't be getting the entire set that's shown in this picture. I'd just get the bedding (which comes with the diaper stacker that's hanging on the wall to the left) and the curtains. I want to paint the walls a light blue but I don't think Grant wants blue walls (why? I have no idea, we're having a boy for crying out loud).

My other option is going with a bedding that's more plain and painting monkeys on the wall. I think it would be awesome to paint some things on the wall myself. I don't really want to do both the monkeys on the wall and that monkey bedding though because like I said before, I don't like nurseries that are too overdone.

So those are my ideas so far. This last weekend my mom and I hung up all the baby clothes that I've gotten so far (all hand-me-downs from friends) and the closet is already half full. Oh, and Grant is going to build shelving in the closet for me too. Here's an idea of what I want;

He said that should be easy too do. I love that there's so much room to hang clothes but there's also room for the baskets and misc items. Also the current closet has the sliding doors (I HATE them!) and I was able to talk Grant into doing these kind of doors. It's a lot easier to acess the whole closet, rather then just half at a time.

And last but not least here's a belly pic from today;

It's getting bigger! :)


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I need your opinion!

I'm trying to decide between these two cribs. I want you to tell me which one you like better. I will say that one is half the price of the other (but both are considered inexpensive for a crib). I like the more expensive one better and Grant thinks I should just go with that one because it's also better quality. But I love a good deal and I like the less expensive one almost just as well.
Tell me which crib you like better and if you would go with that one regardless of if it's the more expensive one or would you just choose the cheaper of the two because you like them both? Both of the cribs convert to a day bed, a toddler bed and a full size bed.

Thanks for your help!


Monday, February 16, 2009

A few things

How far along? 20 weeks 2 days.
Total weight gain/loss: down 6 pounds.
Maternity clothes?Pretty much all the time. I have an occasionally pair of pre-pregnancy pants or shirt that I'll wear.
Stretch marks? Unfortunately yes. I have a few around my belly button already.
Sleep: Is good and still relatively comfortable.
Best moment this week: Starting on t
Movement: Everyday at random times.
Food cravings: Cadbury Eggs and Hostess Cupcakes.
Gender: It's a BOY! Carter Thomas Watkins.
Labor Signs: Nope, thank God.
Belly Button in or out? Still in but getting more shallow everyday.
What I miss: My brain.
What I am looking forward to: Getting the nursery done, my baby shower(s), meeting our son!
Weekly Wisdom: Kicks don't always feel like bubbles/flutters/fish flopping like people always tell you. Mine feel like twitches. And enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible because it goes by so fast.
Milestones: Saturday was my half way point (20 weeks) :)


Friday, February 13, 2009

Holy Cow, tomorrow I'm half way there!

Baby's digestive system is busy creating meconium (a tarry black substance made of swallowed amniotic fluid, digestive secretion and dead cells), which will fill the first diaper after birth. And, speaking of the diaper situation... baby's genitals are now fully formed!

I can't believe how fast this time has gone by. Here's a belly pic from today



Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's DEFINITELY a boy! Yay!

The appointment went great. We got to watch little Carter on the screen squirming all around. The doctor said that the measurements are perfect, he's right on track, my due date will remain July 4th, he's sure it's a boy and he sent us on our way with a CD of pictures.

It was great. The detail that you can see on a sonogram is amazing. We could see his tongue moving, he smiled a little, we saw his bladder and all four chambers of his heart. I was great.

Now it's time to start shopping and register. I can't wait. :) Oh, here's some pictures;

Get to see Carter again today

Only 2 more hours of work, then off to the doctor for my 4:30 appointment for the big sonogram. I'm so excited. On Monday for our short sonogram Carter waved at us, it was so cute. Today we'll get to see him for a long time compared to Monday. Grant is so excited too.

I think I'll be getting some 3D and even 4D images (on a CD) so I'll be posting whatever cute pictures I get. OMG I can't wait!!

Oh ya, I've been feeling him move a lot lately. I feel him mostly when I'm at work sitting at my desk. I love feeling him. I can't wait until I can feel him better and more often. Being pregnant is wonderful!


Monday, February 2, 2009

It's a BOY....we think!

We'll the nurses screwed up and scheduled me for a regular appt and not a sonogram. Great! But the doctor knew that I really wanted to find out the sex and he had 10 minutes before having to do a c-section so he took us in and did a really quick (like 90 second) ultrasound. We got a pretty good view and the doctor said he's about 80% sure that it's a boy. I love my doctor!

I'm so surprised but SO happy. As much as I thought this entire time that it was a girl I've always wanted my first child to be a boy. And plus, I LOVE the name Carter and now no one can take it. LOL! And on top of all that, I already have tons of boy clothes that friends have given me.

Oh, and Grant not only thought it was a boy this whole time, but he also wanted a boy. He's so excited it's cute!

EDIT: We have our next appointment scheduled for this Thursday the 5th at 4:30 pm. Good thing I don't have to wait any longer than that. :)

Today is the day!!

In about 7 hours I should be looking at my little baby. I can't wait to see how much (s)he has grown. I can't even explain how excited I am. I was hoping to have a dream by now of the baby to see what my subconscious thought the sex was but no go. The only dream I've had so far was early on in my pregnancy I had a dream that I has twins, one was a boy and one a girl so that's no help. Last night Tiffany had a dream that it was a boy, maybe she's onto something. We'll see.

Here's a really blurry picture I just took. If you compare it to the last picture (yes I'm wearing the same shirt) at first glance the bump doesn't look any bigger. But if you look really hard you will see that the new bump is sticking out past my chest quite a bit further. :)