Timeline of events

09/2008 - Went off birth control
10/2008 - Found out I was pregnant
11/2008 - First doctor appt. HB is 188
1/2009 - Baby looks good, HB 163
2/2009 - It's a BOY! Carter Thomas
3/2009 - HB in the 140-150 range
4/2009 - Diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes
5/2009 - Went on the Ellen Show's Mother's Day Special
6/2009 - Carter Thomas W. was born
6/2010 - Carter's first birthday
2/2011 - He's getting so big, someone stop him from growing so fast!
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Great News

My appointment went great yesterday. We saw little Poppy and it's little beating heart. The heart was beating at 188 bmp which is a little on the high side but the doctor said he wasn't too concerned. It's amazing how much Poppy has grown in the last week and a half. We also got to hear the heartbeat which was amazing.

I've noticed that I've been more hungry lately too. I don't like it. I'm trying not to overeat because I'm only supposed to gain 15-20 pounds according to the doctor since I'm overweight. But I'm just so damn hungry in the mornings.

I still feel great though. Still no sickness or anything. I swear if it wasn't for missing Aunt Flow I would have NO idea I was pregnant.

And to end with the pictures from our ultrasound:

Okay on a side note. My blog posts have been acting weird. When I add a picture it adds the html code instead of the actual picture. Same thing if I bold a word it used all the html code in my post instead of just bolding it. I mean it looks fine if I preview it or post it though. I've also noticed that I don't have as many options at the top as I used to. Anybody know what's going on? It's really annoying. My other blog is normal though. Maybe I have a different setting on this one that I don't know about? Thanks!

8 weeks 4 days

Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh Ya.....

....and I finally merged my two blogs under the same username. I kept this blog separate from my other one at first because I didn't want people to know right away, but all is good now.

Maternity Clothes Galore!

My mom and I went Christmas shopping yesterday and I wanted to just pop into the Old Navy to see if they sell maternity clothes. Oh boy do they sell maternity clothes. They don't have the biggest selection but holy cow they were on sale. I couldn't believe my eyes. There were shorts and capris and shirts for $1.97 each. I quickly grabbed a few items and tried them. My mom was waiting outside but since I figured I could get all four items (two pairs of shorts, a shirt and a pair of capris) for a total of $12.00 I took them to the register. They lady rang them up and it was $6.38 total. Apparently they were just marked down that day to 50% off the clearance price. I was in heaven.

I went outside and told my mom of the great deals so we ran back in and went through the racks one by one and literately picked every piece of clothing that was my size (which oddly enough was most of them) and that I liked. She bought them as an early Christmas present. We ended up with 20 items. It broke down something like this; 10 shirts, 4 pairs of pants, 1 skirt, 1 sweater, 3 pairs of shorts and a dress. Grand total? $64.00! Seriously! I still can't believe it.

And to make the day even better I bought some matching accessories from Fashion Bug using a gift card that I've had in my purse for 2 years. And my mom took me to Red Lobster (yum!). It was a great day!

My cousin is letting me borrow her maternity clothes too which I'm excited about because she has good taste in clothes.

And last but certainly not least, tomorrow I get to see Poppy! Yay! And I'm still feeling great!

8 weeks 2 days

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Is it Tuesday yet?

I'm glad it's Saturday but Tuesday just can't come quick enough. I think I had a dream that my Tuesday appointment was changed from 4:20 pm to 4:00 pm. I say I think I had a dream because I honestly can't remember if it was real or not. I'm assuming it's a dream because I haven't spoke to anyone at the doctor's office that I can recall. I truly believe that pregnancy brain is real....haha!

Today has been a great day so far. I got to sleep in until 10:00 so I'm not as tired as I usually am. Then I got out of bed, watched a quick episode of The Office that we had recorded, then I watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy, then I started cleaning the house. I'm already on my second load of laundry, I cleaned the entire kitchen and picked up the rest of the house. So the only thing I really had to do this weekend is almost done already. Today is good.

I'm still feeling great. A little nausea yesterday but nothing I couldn't handle. So all in all, life is great. Just waiting to see little poppy again. 3 more day!

8 weeks pregnant today!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just waiting

Waiting for my next appointment is exactly 7 days. I can't wait to see Poppy again. My BFF Tonya is going with me to the ultrasound (Grant's pretty sure he'll be able to come also). Tonya is so excited. She has two babies of her own and she won't be having any more. So me being pregnant was great news for her.

I still feel fabulous! Absolutely NO morning sickness or anything. I'm just tired and I'm actually starting to get used to it. It feels so nice now that everyone knows though. I hated living a lie for those three weeks. I still haven't told a lot of my friends. All of the friends that I talk to on a regular basis knows, but the ones that I don't talk to often don't know yet. I'm waiting until closer to Christmas to tell them and everyone else.

Grant and I have come up with names. I've know for at least 10 years what my girl name was going to be. Weird I know. But luckily Grant agrees. Girl name is Alexis Lynn (Alex for short). The boy name was a little harder to come up with. Grant and I just couldn't agree on anything. When we were at his mom's house over the weekend we asked how she came up with the names of her three kids and she told us this;

"Grant I knew because that is your Grandpa's name. Angela I picked because they wouldn't let me leave the hospital without a name so I just picked a name that I liked that wasn't common (at the time). Aimee I came up with when I was reading a magazine in the hospital, there was an article written by Aimee Carter and I really liked that first name and how it was spelling."

So that got me thinking. I really like the name Carter. Grant actually agreed. Neither one of us know a single person with that name and that's what we were looking for. So Carter Thomas is the boy name.

The middle names are passed down from our families. Lynn is my mom's middle name as well as my own middle name (it's also Grant's mom's middle name). Thomas is Grant's middle name as well as his (late) fathers first name. I love the idea of passing down the middle name (even though Lynn is so over used).

So that's what is new. Of course, more updates to come as needed.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Told our parents

Everyone is so happy. On Saturday we drove to my parents house and gave them their "gifts". They were so excited. Then my grandma showed up and we told her and she was thrilled as well.
Then we drove to Grant's mom's house and told her, she was very happy. I also got to tell one of my best friends on Friday night for dinner. Then I told my brother yesterday. He made it clear that he would be borrowing the baby and going to the mall to pick up Then an hour ago I got to tell my co-worker. I love telling people, it's so fun.

I still fill great! Still no sickness, just tired. I can deal with tired. I'm counting down the days to when I get to see poppy again.....8! :o)


Friday, November 14, 2008

Huston, we have a baby!

Yep, last night we saw Poppy. It was the most wonderful thing ever. The appointment took almost an hour and of course they do the ultrasound last. I could hardly pay attention to what the doctor and nurse were telling me because I just wanted that damn ultrasound. First we went over family history, then I put on the paper clothes, then the pelvic (I'm not sure if G enjoyed that too much), then more discussions, then finally we get to meet the doctor in the other room for the ultrasound.

I was surprised because he did an external exam and I was expecting an internal. We saw the gestational sac, the yolk sac and a baby. He couldn't get a good measurement on the baby though (I think it's because it was an external and not an internal) but he measured the sac and that measured at 6w5d which is exactly what I had calculated so that was great. We also couldn't see a heartbeat (again, probably because it was external) but he did pick it up on the dopler at 130 beats per minute. He asked if I wanted to come back in a week or two to see the heartbeat and of course I said yes. So the next appointment is Tuesday the 25th.

We told my mom and step-dad last night. That was so much fun. We wrapped up a onesie that said "what happens at grandma's house, stays at grandma's house" (there were none that said anything about grandpa's so we settled for this one) and a copy of the ultrasound picture and gave it to them. They were so excited. My mom called me at 5:26 am this morning and said that she had trouble sleeping last night.

So the plan is to tell my dad and step-mom tomorrow morning then head up to G's mom's house out of town to tell her. We're doing the same thing with them as far as onsies but G's mom get's a bib that says "I love grandma". It's still so sureal, G and I are so excited and we both had so much fun telling my parent's.
I also told my cousin Jess who is so excited, she just had a baby boy in August so they'll be less then a year apart. Too bad she lives like 3 hours away. :(

But so far G, Poppy and I are all doing good.

6w6d today

Monday, November 10, 2008

Feeling great!

Seriously, if my whole pregnancy I feel like this I would only be so lucky. Friday night I was so exhausted. My friend called me to see if I wanted to go wedding dress shopping with her on Saturday morning and I told her I wasn't feeling well so I wouldn't be going (she doesn't know I'm pregnant yet). Well Saturday I woke up at 8:00 and felt SO freakin' fabulous. I was rested and I had energy, it was so weird. I called her and ended up going with her and 3 other friends to a nearby town and I had so much fun. I'm so glad I went.
Then Sunday I woke up and I was soooooo tired. I felt like I couldn't move. I didn't want to eat or even take a shower. Just the thought of doing something made me so tired. I have honestly never felt like that in my life. I ended up laying in bed until noon. I didn't sleep, I really just laid there. Finally I got enough energy to clean the house. After I was done cleaning and running errands I felt a lot better.
And today, my boobs are hurting a little more than they have been, which I kind of like because I'll pretty much take any symptom I can get at this point. Four more days until my doctors appointment, G and I are so excited.
So far Poppy and I are doing well! We'll keep you updated.


Friday, November 7, 2008


I can't wait to sleep. To be able to sleep in and not have to wake up to an alarm at 5:30 in the morning. That's why I love the weekends! I don't really have any plans either. I have two goals for this weekend; do the laundry (probably 3 loads) and wash the dishes. Yep, then I sleep the rest of the time.

Seriously though, I don't remember what it feels like to be rested. I've been going to bed at 8:30 this whole week. And even after sleeping for 9 hours I wake up tired.

And this bloat is out of control. I barely fit into any of my pants. I actually bought a pair of maternity pants yesterday. I'm not going to start wearing them for a couple of months but they are so cute and I got them at Ross for $13.99. That's cheaper than the cheap pants at WalMart.

Our appointment is next week and we are so excited. I just want to make sure that baby is healthy. Then we get to tell our parents. I can't wait.

That's about it for now. Still no morning sickness but I've heard that doesn't hit until week 6 or 7 for most women so now I'm expecting it anytime. Great!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Feeling even less pregnant today.

I hate this. I just want to see if there is actually a baby in me. I don't know how I will wait another 8 days until the first doctors appointment.

On a good note, G and I went shopping last night because pretty much all my clothes are too tight right now. It's mostly because of the weight I've gained since the wedding. Booo!
But I got two pairs of work pants for a total of $21.00 at Old Navy. Now that is a great deal. They're too big now, I mean I can make them work but I would have bought the next size (or two) down. They'll be perfect when I'm bigger though. Yay for Old Navy deals!

5w4d today!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ugh, this is so hard!

I want to tell everyone that I'm pregnant. I've been emailing my SIL (sister in law) because she is TTC and I want to tell her so bad. I just feel like I can't tell all of my friends until our parents know. My appointment is next Thursday and seriously I can't wait. I have hardly no symptoms still :o( My boobs are a little sore, and I get very mild cramps every once in awhile. I've had a normal appetite though. I hate that I don't know what's going on.

That's pretty much it, there really isn't anything new going on that I haven't already mentioned. Is it next Thursday the 13th yet?!?!

*Today I am 5w3d pregnant according to my LMP (last menstral period)